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A-reece Net Worth, Early Life, Musical Career

A-reece Net Worth, Early Life, Musical Career

Popular Name: A-Reece
Real Name: Lehlogonolo Ronald Mataboge
Birth Date: March 27th, 1997
Birth Place: Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa.
Age: 25 years old
Gender: Male
Nationality/Citizenship: South Africa
Height: 1.63 M/5ft
Weight: 56 kg
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Spouse(s): None
Children: N/A
Profession: Rapper, Singer, and Songwriter.
Years active: 2014–present
Net Worth: $500, 000Million
Last Updated: 2022


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Lehlogonolo Ronald Mataboge, popularly known by his stage name A-Reece is among the most talented and prolific South African Rappers.

A-reece is also known for his unshakable love for marijuana, beef with fellow rappers, and is most notably known for his lyrics’ ability to survive in the music industry without any form of management.

In this article, we will be feeding you with relevant pieces of information about his early life, musical career, songs, endorsements, and controversies, but most specifically, we will be revealing exactly A-reece net worth.

Early Life

Lehlogonolo Ronald Mataboge professionally known as A-reece is a super-talented South African Rapper, Singer, and Songwriter, born in March 1997 in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa.

A-reece attended got his primary and secondary education in Gauteng, South Africa.

As a result of his love of music, A-reece was an average student who focused more on his music writing than his studies till he finally decided to follow his passion.

A-reece has two elder siblings.

Regarding his love life and relationships, the rapper has dated Natasha Thahane, an actress and granddaughter of Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, and Anglican Archbishop Emeritus, for some time.

The couple broke up due to their inability to sustain a long-distance relationship.

A-Reece is currently dating Rickelle Jones and as a way of flaunting her, he posted a picture of himself and Rickelle smoking a cigarette.

The rapper, A-reece is inspired by his girlfriend, and they both obviously love each other this is as Rickelle also posts A-reece on her Instagram page.

Much information about A-reece isn’t available to the public since he doesn’t disclose them.

Musical Career

A-reece began writing music in primary school following his elder brother’s footsteps.

His choicest genre of music is Hip-hop as he performs it in both English language and his mother tongue.

A-reece realized his passion for rap at a very young age and got his inspiration from his older brother, Jay Jody who is also a rapper.

The South African rapper Lehlogonolo Ronald Mataboge gave an explanation of how his stage name came about and that there is more to the stage name than most people think.

He said the stage name A-reece was  an acronym and each letter stood for words as follows:

letter A for Above, letter R for Reality, Letter E for Exceptionally, Letter E for Emotionally Letter C for Conscious, and Letter E for Everything.

This revelation was made at the late-night talk show, Trending SA.

Lehlogonolo Ronald Mataboge

A-reece is widely known for his hit single “ Couldn’t” featuring Emtee.

At the beginning of his musical career, A-reece was signed to Ambitious Entertainment but he left subsequently.

In 2015, A-Reece signed to Ambitious Entertainment and released his first single “Couldn’t” under the label, featuring Emtee.

2015 was no doubt A-reece’s breakthrough year.

His hit song “Couldn’t”, broke the airwaves and made his name known in South Africa.

A-Reece left Ambitious Entertainment in 2017, with the claim that the record label had never paid him a dime despite releasing music and performing at events.

He released Cutaways, an EP, on September 2016, which comprises songs that did not make the cut for his debut album Paradise

A-reece released his debut album on October 21, 2016, and the album topped the No.1 spot on iTunes just under 24 hours after its release.

He went further and released his second studio album ”From Me To You And Only You” using it to celebrate the anniversary of his debut album.

In  2022, the 25-year-old South African rapper released two studio albums, a good number of singles, several extended plays (EP), mixtapes, and collaborations.

In 2019, A-reece released a soundtrack with Mashbeatz titled ”Reece Effect”.

A-Reece Co-founded the “Wrecking Crew” with Mashbeatz, Wordz, Ex Global, and Mellow after leaving Ambitiouz Entertainment.

His aim was to pursue a career as an independent artist.

The Wrecking Crew was later rebranded to Rubberband records, acting to the departure of some of its members in 2017.

A recent development has it that  A-Reece has announced the impending launch of his own record label “Revenge Club Records”.

A-Reece himself made this development known during an interview session at the SAMA nomination in June where he was asked to advise up-and-coming musicians.

A-reece while giving his speech advised up-and-coming artists to learn from them who might have “made some errors with their bags.

A-reece’s yearly releases of songs are as follows:

In  2016 he released Paradise, Magni, Zimbali, Couldn’t, and Sebenza.

In 2017 he released Meanwhile in Honeydew, On My Own, Pride, and Feelings.

In 2018 he released  Welcome 2 My Life, and Couldn’t Have Said It Better pt. 2.

In 2019 A-reece released “We Know Better”.

A-reece in 2021, released indooR interludE, THE 5-YEAR PLAN, thE confrontatioN, tufF lucK, MARK 15:35, Over me, bilL russelL, blvcK and kidZ.

In 2022 he released Sneaky, For My Sanity, Dreams, More Than Enough, Purple Palm Trees, Red Dragon, Couldn’t Have Said It Better pt 3, FRIEDay The 13th, Can’t Open My Eyez, and Bellator.


A-Reece isn’t really a gentleman,  he has stepped on many toes.

A-reece has had issues with fellow rappers like Nasty C, His former and first-ever record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment,  which he accused of taking advantage of him as he was young.

A-reece said he and Ambitious Entertainment had a verbal agreement and they said they were going to him a contract but they never did.

He went further to say that he worked hard and got bookings every week but they still paid me R20,000 regardless of the money he makes.

As a result of A-reece’s accusation, Ambitiouz Entertainment connived with some artists to eradicate all of his music videos from their YouTube channel.

A-reece’s  Facebook page was also deleted.

A-reece has also had issues with Emtee by saying he will never collaborate with him again in his life or associate with people who behave like him.

Another person A-reece has had a face-off with is Cassper Nyovest.

Cassper Nyovest revealed his plans of trying to get hold of A-reece but kept being blue-ticked until he blocked him.

A-reece was involved in a fraud case.

A-Reece’s group, The Wrecking Crew, after they failed to perform in a show in Postmasburg, Northern Cape, on June 15.

The organizer of the event  Pitso Masiloane from Mownate Production had booked the Pretoria-based hip-hop crew to headline the Bloem Invades PMG Festival.

But A-reece and his group didn’t show up despite being paid a booking fee of R36,750 and a transport fee of R10,900 with prove proof of payment.

The event organizer, Pitso said they did the first payment on the 24th of May, and the rest of the money was paid on different dates thereafter.

“Transport was paid on the day in accordance with our agreement with Papers Motsamai, their manager. They then confirmed that their driver was game and they would arrive at the show.”

However, A-reece and his group only agreed to refund the transport fee.

A-reece and his group refunded  R5,000 to Pitso claiming their driver, identified as Glen, ran away with the money.


In 2021, A-reece signed a Distribution deal with Apple Music-owned A&R company Platoon.

The company specializes in packaging upcoming artists before they get a major-label contract, and his mixtape Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory was streamed

There were some speculations that A-reece signed an Ambassadorial deal with Hennessey, a liquor company owned by LVMH.

A-reece in confirmation of the rumor uploaded a video showing a bottle of Hennessy with an envelope having his name boldly written on it.


The South African Superstar, A-reece has won various awards and bagged some nominations as follows:

Lyricist of the year At the South African Hip Hop Awards in 2016.

He was nominated for Song of the Year

He had won Best Collabo.

He won Lyricist of the year in 2021

Mixtape of the year

He was nominated for Artist of the decade

He was nominated for Best Video of the Year

He was nominated for Best Collaboration

He won MTV Africa Music Awards 2021

He was nominated for Best Fanbase

He was nominated for South African Music Awards 2022

He has also been nominated for Artist of the year

He also got a nomination for Best Hip-Hop Album.

A-reece Net Worth

It’s time to talk about A-reece net worth

A-reece is among the top ten richest rappers in South Africa.

As of 2022, A-reece net worth is estimated to be five hundred thousand US Dollars ( $500, 000), roughly equivalent to R7.2million.

The rapper made a lot of his money through his musical career and a part of it through his brand endorsement deals.

A-Reece also earns money from royalties, YouTube, licenses, and performances.

Another sold contribution to A-reece net worth is ads appearance.

like In 2018, he appeared in a commercial for the betting firm Bet.co.za, aired on television.

Again A-reece being relentless  in building his net worth, created  an online clothing store, Babyboy1606.com in 2020

Since the online store was created, his girlfriend Rickelle Jones has posted for it severally and has contributed to A-reece net worth having that he has gathered a huge fan base from it.


A-reece is without any doubt making waves in South Africa’s Entertainment Industry with his preferred genre of music Hip-hop.

The 25-year-old rapper, A-reece sees no genre of music close to Hip-Hop music.

For A-reece, hip-hop should be a is a religion.

In one of his Twitter posts, the South African Rap-star suggested hip-hop music should be their religion.

In his words, A-reece said “ This music is so therapeutic, it could be our religion. Hip-hop is forever!



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