Antonio Cupo Net Worth, Career and Biography

Antonio Cupo Net Worth
Antonio Cupo Net Worth

Antonio Cupo Net Worth $1.5 million

Popular Name: Antonio Cupo
Real Name: Antonio Cupo
Birth Date: January 10, 1978
Birth Place: Vancouver, Canada
Age: 44
Gender: Male
Nationality: Canadian
Height: 185cm
Weight: 75kg
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Children: N/A
Profession: Film & Television Actor
Years active: N/A
Net Worth: $1.5 Million
Last Updated: 2022


Antonio Cupo is a successful Canadian film and television actor who is probably best remembered for his role as a lead in the second season of the hit television series ‘Elisa di Rivombrosa’.

He has been a part of many films and TV series in his career, and his remarkable performances in all the roles he played have helped him gain immense popularity in the media. Today, we shall take a look at this man’s life and examine the aspects of his incredible career, achievements as a seasoned actor, and every other thing related to him.

Antonio Cupo’s Biography

Cupo was born in Vancouver, Canada on January 10, 1978. His parents were Italian immigrants who entered Canada ten years before he was born. It was in Vancouver that his parents raised him along with his two siblings.

His father, Manlio Cupo, was born in the small town of Palomonte, a province of Salerno, about 30 miles east of Salerno and 70 southeasts of Naples. On the other hand, his mother, Lucia Cupo, is from Barletta in the Province of Barletta-Andria-Trani.

His siblings are Carmelina and Sabato. After graduating from elementary and high school, Antonio joined the University of British Columbia from which he graduated with a degree in English Literature.

Antonio Cupo’s Career

Cupo started working as an actor at a very young stage in his life. From the age of 6 to 16, he performed in a good number of theatrical productions both regionally and scholastically.

He also possesses a fine voice and knew how to sing, so he served as a member of the Hybrid Cartel band where he was the lead singer.

After years of struggling to find a balance in his life and career, he landed his first starring role in the film ‘Hollywood Files’ which was directed by Italian filmmaker Fabio Segatori.

In Italy, Antonio Cupo is known for his performance in the second season of the popular television series ‘Elisa di Rivombrosa’. He has boosted his reputation both nationally and internationally by dropping bombshell performances in several hit films including ‘September Eleven 1683’, ‘Barbarossa’, and ‘Carnera – The Walking Mountain’.

Cupo has starred in the Hallmark Channel original movies ‘In My Dreams, ‘For Better or for Worse, ‘Hats Off to Christmas!’, and ‘Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade. He played the role of ‘John’ in the Lifetime Channel recreation of ‘Beaches’ alongside famous actresses Nia Long and Idina Menzel.

The film star has been a part of nearly a hundred films and television series combined so far in his lifetime. Below as some of his best works to date, in no particular order.

Antonio Cupo’s Films & Series

  • 2005 – Hollywood Files
  • 2008 – Carnera: The Walking Mountain
  • 2012 – American Mary
  • 2015 – Body of Deceit Max
  • 2000 – Beggars and Choosers
  • 2001 – Dark Angel
  • 2001 – Andromeda
  • 2004 – The L Word
  • 2008 – Lost Behind Bars
  • 2011 – Magic Beyond Words: The J.K. Rowling Story
  • 2013 – Murdoch Mysteries
  • 2017 – Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce

Personal Life & Family

This talented Canadian actor is always known to be very private. He likes to maintain a very low profile and endeavors to keep many things away from the mainstream media.

It is one of the several reasons why he isn’t found on any social media sites. Fortunately for his fans, he has opened up about his relationship and love life.

Antonio Cupo has revealed that he is in a romantic relationship. In fact, he has been dating Margareth Made for a very long time. According to sources, and confirmed by the actor himself, Cupo and Made met back in 2010 and kick-started a romantic relationship between themselves.

They have been together since then and it appears that their love is strong enough to keep them from fighting or seeing other people. They are yet to get married, and even if they have such in their plans, the public has not been informed about anything by either the couple or sources close to them.

Antonio Cupo Net Worth

After being involved in nearly a hundred films and television series combined in his lifetime, Antonio Cupo has been able to gather up a net worth of more than $1.5 million.

Not much is currently known on the exact amount he takes per film or per episode for the series he has been a part of, but it’s a certified fact that he has worked in several projects as a lead actor, and has equally earned handsomely in the process.

He has been an active force in the entertainment industry for quite a long period of time and the records show that he has been able to add to his wealth by earning decent sums of money through several deals, endorsements, and commercial advertisements.

Not to forget, Cupo isn’t married as of today, and neither does he have any children. Therefore, he has just himself and his longtime girlfriend Margareth Made to enjoy his fortune with.


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