Carly Sarah Biography & Net Worth

Carly Sarah Biography & Net Worth

Carly Sarah Biography & Net Worth

Popular Name: Carly Sarah
Real Name:
Carly Sarah
Birth Date:
November 13, 2001
Birth Place:
Toronto, Canada
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Nationality: Canadian
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: N/A
Children: N/A
Profession: Social Media Personality, YouTube & Instagram Star, Dancer, Skit Maker
Years active: N/A
Net Worth: $500,000
Last Updated: 2021


Carly Sarah is quite a sensation among her ever-increasing fans on the internet. For those that aren’t familiar with this personage, she is a popular Filipino-Canadian social media star who started to taste fame immediately after she ventured into the business of posting dance and lip-sync videos on various social media platforms including the popular Instagram and TikTok. Thanks to her beautiful pictures and enjoyable video clips, Carly’s Instagram account currently has more than 800,000 followers. Carly complements her physical presentation with an impeccable style and fashion, and her thousands of followers absolutely love her and her art. Be it her thick eyebrows or perfectly shaped nails, this young woman knows exactly how to flaunt in front of the camera and win the hearts of her audience who adores her so much. She is also a passionate dancer and likes to share many of her dance clips on the social network app TikTok. She also owns a YouTube channel where there are over 500,000 subscribers glued to their screens constantly enjoying her activities. It is safe to say that this social media life is Carly’s profession and her activities on the internet provide her with a means of income generation. We will now take a look at her career and activities in full and examine how much Carly Sarah makes from her life of being a famous internet personality.

Early Life & Education

Carly Sarah is from Canada. She was born in Toronto on November 13, 2001. Her parents who are of Filipino descent, had no other children aside her so they made sure to put in their maximum best towards providing Carly with a beautiful childhood, one in which she did not lack anything a young girl of her age would need.

Her education history isn’t yet documented. She is almost 21 years old as of this writing, so we expect that she must have completed high school and even possibly her tertiary education.

Professional Career: Social Media Fame

Her childhood dream, as revealed by Carly in an exclusive questions and answers session between her and her fans, was to become famous. She always had an attraction to fancy clothes and trendy accessories. She was just ten years old when she began to use makeup and behave like the adults she saw on TV. After some time, she became more inclined to the internet and created her own profile on Instagram.

With each day that passed, Carly got better at using makeup, which resulted in striking selfies and photographs, all of which she posted online for engagements. Her thick eyebrows, long hair, and impressive nail art established her as a desirable trendsetter. She soon started to make videos of herself dancing and lip-syncing to popular songs. She posted these candid videos on her Instagram account and even became more popular. Furthermore, Carly created accounts on Twitter, TikTok and YouTube, and also posted her videos to those platforms as well.

Her followers and subscribers grew in a short period as there were many people that trooped in to her page to either marvel at her makeup art, or enjoy her dance clips. Slowly, she emerged as a complete performer and gained eminence as a social media star. She even got more famous for having a tiff with the already established TikTok star Malu Trevejo.

Carly posts a variety of videos on her YouTube channel which is dedicated to content about beauty and fashion. She has posted makeup tutorials in which she collaborated with other YouTube stars, including professional makeup artist Nikki, who is impressed with Carly’s skills and showers a lot of praise on her.

To also add, Carly posts reaction and challenge clips on her self-titled YouTube channel. She has reacted to many videos posted by popular social media stars like RiceGum and Victoria Waldrip. Her own videos are filmed and edited by her very good friend Peter Gonsalves. After she turned 18, two years ago, Carly started organizing meet and greet events, and has managed to expand her career through this as well.

Carly Sarah Net Worth
Carly Sarah

Personal Life: Relationships, Hobbies & Interests

She is a self-acclaimed foodie in every sense of the word. Carly has revealed how much she loves pineapple topped pizzas. She has also talked about how much she loves chocolates and likes to stock up KitKat and Snickers. She was eleven years old when she had her first cooking experience.

Her favorite musicians are Justin Bieber and Drake, both Canadian nationals like her. She also admires Oprah Winfrey also the YouTube star Judy Travis.

According to the YouTube star, she had a relationship when she was in ninth grade. Her parents were aware of the relationship, but that was not enough to keep things going for a long time between her and her boyfriend. They eventually broke up and went their separate ways while Carly focused on her career.

When she was much younger, Carly worked in a food truck that her family owned. According to her, it was a rewarding experience that helped build her confidence.

She is a car enthusiast and really loves the Mercedes Benz brand of cars. She also loves getting inked up. From our findings, this lady has a total of 17 tattoos all over her body. She started drawing tattoos on her skin when was just 13 years old.

Carly Sarah Net Worth: Salary, Social Media Endorsements, YouTube Ads

Before she tasted fame and wealth, Carly Sarah always dreamt of owning her own car, preferably a Mercedes Benz. Today, she has been able to afford one for herself, among other luxurious things she likes.

Carly is completely addicted to social media. Her obsession with the internet has proven to be profitable to her as she owes her success to her internet celebrity lifestyle. She would log in to Instagram and Snapchat immediately she wakes up each day and stay logged in throughout the day, posting her pictures, videos, and other tutorials.

She makes her wealth from publishing things to her thousands of followers across multiple social media sites. Not only that, but she supports a few upcoming brands and makes money from endorsing and advertising their products to her followers on Instagram. She also gains a small income from YouTube ads, and also from TikTok as well. Carly Sarah’s net worth is estimated to be $500,000. She is still young at just 20, and considering her level of experience and strong will to try new things, we can predict that this young  woman will go on to achieve bigger things in the future. She may likely move into acting, singing, or modeling, who knows? Everything is possible when the sky is the limit for this talented upcoming star.


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