Daniel Johns Net Worth, Early Life, Singing And Songwriting Career


Popular Name: Daniel Johns
Real Name: Daniel Paul Johns
Birth Date: April 22, 1979
Birth Place: Newcastle Australia
Age: 43 years old
Gender: Male
Nationality/Citizenship: Australian
Height: 5ft
Weight: 70 kg
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Spouse(s): Natalie Imbrugilia
Children: N/A
Profession: Singer, Songwriter.
Years active: 1994–present
Net Worth: $20 Million
Last Updated: 2022


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Daniel Paul Johns, Popularly known as Daniel Johns is a 43-year-old Australian singer, and songwriter born on April, 22nd 1979, in Newcastle Australia.

In this article, we’re going to reveal to you exactly Daniel Johns net worth and a few other relevant and summarized pieces of information like his early/ personal life, his singing and songwriting career, awards, and controversies to help you know him better.

Early And Personal Life

Just before we show you Daniel Johns net worth, it’s important you know about his early and personal life.

Daniel Paul Johns, Popularly known as Daniel Johns is a 43-year-old Australian singer, and songwriter born on  April, 22nd 1979, in Newcastle Australia.

Daniel Johns’ father is Greg Johns and his Mother is Julie Johns.

Daniel Johns’ father owned a fruit shop in Newcastle, while his mother was a full-time housewife.

Daniel Johns grew up in Merewether, New South Wales, Australia, with his two younger siblings.

Daniel  Johns attended Newcastle High School and graduated in 1997

Daniel Johns is best popular as the former frontman, guitarist, and main songwriter of the rock band Silverchair.

Daniel Johns is also one-half of The Dissociatives with Paul Mac and one-half of Dreams with Luke Steele.

Concerning his relationship and love life, Daniel Johns announced his engagement to his long-time girlfriend, Natalie Imbruglia in 2002.

Natalie Imbruglia is an actress, singer, and model.

Daniel Johns and  Natalie Imbruglia got married on 2003 New Year’s Eve.

Sadly in 2008, it was announced they were divorcing due to too much time apart. Johns is also known for his animal rights support.

In July 2008, The Daily Telegraph announced that Daniel Johns was dating an Australian model Louise Van der Vorst.

As confirmation, In 2009, Daniel Johns and  Louise Van der Vorst moved from Australia to New York City so that Van der Vorst could expand her modeling career.

By July 2011, the couple was living together in Newcastle, Australia.

And in  April 2012, it was reported that Johns had opted for the dissolution of the relationship.

Another news had it that as of early 2013, Daniel Johns was dating fashion designer Estelita Huijer, with whom he was photographed in Crown Street in Sydney.

And again Daniel Johns got into another relationship with former model Michelle Leslie in October 2016.

Some time ago, Daniel Johns was diagnosed with a rare but serious case of reactive arthritis.

Singing And Songwriting Career

Singing and songwriting have been the powerful force behind Daniel Johns net worth.

Daniel Johns’s career started at the age of 12.

Daniel Johns and his school friends Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou formed a band, originally named “The Innocent Criminals”, and practiced daily after school for periods of four hours or more.

The Innocent Criminals band fully began when the three members were 15 years old when a demo recording of their song “Tomorrow” won a competition that was run by the SBS TV program Nomad.

The group, now rebranded as  Silverchair, subsequently accepted a three-album deal from Sony Music in 1994, and the label hurriedly dropped their first ever album Frogstomp in 1995.

However, “Tomorrow” remained in the No. 1 position on the Australian singles chart for six good weeks.

The band released Freak Show in 1997, subsequently followed by Neon Ballroom in 1999, and Diorama in 2002 respectively.

Subsequently the group, Silverchair embarked on a lengthy hiatus before the release of the next album.

In 2005, Daniel Johns and his group Silverchair reunited and announced the production of a new album entitled Young Modern.

The Albums title came from a nickname given to Daniel Johns by a  composer,  Van Dyke Parks.

The group’s new album was released in March 2007 and was followed by the Across the Great Divide tour with fellow Australian band, Powderfinger.

In May 2011, Daniel Johns’s group Silverchair announced that the band was going into indefinite hibernation.

The group gave the explanation that it became increasingly clear that the spark simply isn’t there between the three of them at the moment.

Within the course of the month, Daniel Johns and filmmaker Josh Wakely presented a talk at TEDx Sydney and they discussed a film that they were working on that was tentatively titled My Mind’s Own Melody.

A video of their discussion was thereafter uploaded to their YouTube channel in June 201.

Again, a trailer for the completed film was released in 2012.

Within the post-Diorama hiatus, Daniel Johns worked on several side projects, the most notable being The Dissociatives with dance musician/producer Paul Mac.

Daniel Johns and Mac worked together since Mac’s 1997 remix of “Freak” and his contribution to Neon Ballroom.

In 2000, Daniel Johns recorded a five-track EP I Can’t Believe It’s Not Rock.

Their album first was recorded in London, United Kingdom, and a few months later, the two regrouped in Sydney and Newcastle to finish off the project.

The debut album The Dissociatives (2004) Dissociatives toured with musicians Kim Moyes on drums, Julian Hamilton on keys, and James Haselwood on bass.

Daniel Johns has had collaborations as follows:

In June 2008, a  report gathered on Silverchair’s official website, had it that Daniel Johns was working on a new side project with Luke Steele (The Sleepy Jackson, Empire of the Sun).

However, the release date for the collaboration was not revealed or confirmed.

In 2008, the name of the project was revealed to be  “Hathaway and Palmer”.

This revelation was made through a  radio interview that Steele conducted.

In December 2008, Daniel  Johns was named the producer of The Scare’s album.

In 2012, Daniel Johns collaborated with the Australian Chamber Orchestra to make the soundtrack Atlas for a Qantas Airlines commercial that began airing a week before the 2012 Olympics.

In regards to that, in his words, Daniel Johns said When Qantas first approached him, he agreed to the project as he was really into the idea of creating a piece of music that represented Australia.

He went further to say that he wanted it to sound big, like something special and that it was a conscious effort to create a good piece of music and not just a jingle.

In January 2014, Daniel Johns co-wrote the song “Impossible”, released by Australian rapper 360, and also sang in the song’s chorus.

Daniel Johns met 360 through his brother Heath, who is also 360’s publisher.

In 2016, Daniel  Johns became a musical director, he arranged and produced the music for the Netflix animated children’s series Beat Bugs.

Daniel Johns was also the singing voice for the characters Walter, and as well Mr. Mudwasp.

There was a report by various media outlets in November 2013, that Danial Johns was in the process of working on a solo album due for release subsequently in 2014.

Daniel Johns’s manager, John Watson was quoted as saying: “it’s looking extremely likely that it’ll be out next year.”

Daniel Johns performed a piano version of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” at the 40th birthday of the Triple J radio station, Beat the Drum, held at Sydney, Australia’s Domain in January 2015.

Daniel Johns debuted a new song as a solo artist in January 2015 on the Triple J radio station.

The title of the song was  “Aerial Love”, Peter Vincent, National Music Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald, described the song as “sexy” and “soulful”.

Daniel Johns’s “Aerial Love” debuted at No. 50 on the Australian Singles Chart and subsequently peaked at No. 21 on the chart.

Daniel Johns released his fifteen-track debut album as a solo artist on 22 May 2015, titled  Talk.

The track features multilayered arrangements of R&B, soul, synthpop, and electronic melodies.

The track peaked at No. 2 on the ARIA Albums Chart in Australia within the first couple of  weeks after  its release

Daniel Johns’ album also got some unexpected success in other parts of the world, peaking at No. 1 on the Slovakian iTunes albums chart shortly after it was released.

Daniel Johns Awards

Daniel Johns has won 21 ARIA Awards from 49 nominations as a member of the Silverchair and has had 4 nominations as a solo artist.


Daniel Johns had been involved in a series of controversies among whose notable ones are as follows.

In July 2007, Daniel Johns claimed on Australian radio station Triple J that he had shared a joint with his then-wife Natalie Imbruglia, Australian Federal MP and ex-Midnight Oil frontman Peter Garrett, and U2 frontman Bono in November 2006 while they listened to a demo recording of Silverchair’s album Young Modern.

In reaction to that, Tony Wood, whose daughter Anna Wood died of water intoxication secondary to the use of MDMA, suggested that Garrett be subject to a drug test.

Garrett argued had not touched marijuana since his twenties.

However, Daniel Johns said his statement was a joke, and that he thought it would be obvious that it was a joke, as both Garrett and Bono were publicly against drugs.

In October 2014, Daniel Johns was stopped by police when they spotted his black Jaguar traveling at a speed of between 70 and 80 kilometers per hour along Morgan Street in Merewether.

Daniel Johns drove 70 and 80 kilometers per hour not minding the fact that the street is governed by a speed limit

Daniel Johns after being arrested told police that he had consumed four large wines between 4.30 pm and 7.40 pm.

Johns was forced to attend a traffic offenders course.

In February 2015 Daniel Johns showed up in Newcastle Local Court and was convicted of mid-range drunk driving.

In addition to his conviction, Daniel John got a fine of  $880 and was disqualified from driving until June 2015.

In August 2019, The Sunday Telegraph and the Daily Mail published a false story about Daniel Johns accusing him of visiting a notorious Sydney S&M brothel and bondage club called The Kastle.

In reaction to the accusation, Daniel Johns sued The Sunday Telegraph and the Daily Mail for defamation and also denied the allegations.

Daniel Johns said the allegations were simply untrue and hurtful, humiliating, and damaging to him and his family.

Daniel Johns Net Worth

Daniel Johns makes a lot of money through his music and his net worth is mind-blowing.

Without further suspense, Daniel Johns net worth is estimated at twenty million US dollars ( $20 million).

And to be optimistic enough, Daniel Johns net worth with certainly rise higher than what it is currently before the remaining part of the year runs out.


Daniel Johns is nothing less than a mega superstar.

Aside from his singing and songwriting, Daniel Johns is a dexterous and skillful guitarist.

Everything can be said altogether by saying music lives right deep inside Daniel Johns and his tunes are clear shreds of evidence.

Nevertheless, it’s expected that before the year runs out Daniel Johns net worth will increase notably.


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