David Visentin Net Worth, Biography, Career, Wife and Kids

David Visentin Net Worth

David Visentin Net Worth    $8 million

Popular Name: David Visentin
Real Name:
David Scott Michael Visentin
Birth Date: 28 June 1965
Birth Place:
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Age: 57
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Height: 179cm
Weight: 70 kg
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Krista Visentin
Children: 1
Profession: Actor, Realtor
Years active: N/A
Net Worth: $8 Million
Last Updated: 2022


David Visentin is a Canadian actor, realtor, and businessman whose full names goes as David Scott Michael Visentin. He has been active since he started his various career and is still active till this day.

He is also a television personality and has been hosting the TV show ‘Love It or List It’ alongside his fellow co-host, Hilary Farr. Furthermore, he has also taken part in several other television shows and series which have helped him maintain his reputation.

We will continue this article with interesting details about the actor, his family, financial data, accomplishments and many other aspects of his life which you may find interesting.

David Visentin Biography

David Scott Michael Visentin was born in Toronto, Ontario, in Canada on 28 June 1965. He has revealed his father’s name as Nick Visentin, but he hasn’t talked much about his mother.

He was raised together with three other siblings, including his sister Bonnie Visentin, who happens to be a realtor just like him. Not only that, but he also has two brothers whose names are not known in the media at this moment.

Concerning his educational background, he has mentioned that he attended and graduated from the University of Waterloo which he joined after completing his early and high school education.

David Visentin Career

David has said that his father inspired him to venture into real estate work. In 1997, he started his career as a real estate agent in Rosemont, Ontario. There, he worked with the firm Country Living Realty.

He did this job for more than sixteen years and was able to discover would-be homes for his usually appreciative clients. In 2008, David switched to acting and it was discovered that he was good at it.

He was signed to Big Coat Productions where he was a co-host of a TV show titled, ‘Love It or List It’ along with Hilary Farr. The show which ran until 2019 have gone through a total of fifteen episodes.

In this show, David was saddled with the responsibility of convincing the owners of different homes to sell their homes, while his co-host, Hilary Farr was renovating the structures at a given budget.

Some of David Visentin’s roles in both film and TV series include ‘The Marilyn Denis Show’ from 2012 till date, ‘Kortney & Dave’ in 2011, and also ‘Brother Vs. Brother’ since 2013 till date, which was introduced by property brothers.

He has also been a part of several other shows, such as The Today Show, on Fox News Channel, and also on Megyn Kelly Today. At the present time, he is seen contributing to news agencies of the Canadian Press.

Awards & Achievements

So far in his career, David Visentin has not yet been associated with any notable awards. His greatest achievement is probably his success in being a TV show anchor as well as an actor who has earned credits for handling different roles in several films and series.

Additionally, the television personality, David Visentin has received distinguished recognition by People Magazine and has also been interviewed along with his co-host Farr for their collaborative work on the TV show ‘Love It or List It’.

Mr. Scott’s work as a show host, actor and realtor has helped him gain a respectable reputation on the internet where he is active on social media networks. He currently has over a hundred followers on his Twitter and Instagram account combined, and this has also contributed to the growth of his name and reputation.

Personal Life & Family

David Visentin is a responsible family man. He is a married to his long-time girlfriend and love of his life, Krista Visentin. They tied the knot in 2006 and have been living together since then in peace and harmony.

Krista adopted David’s surname after they got married. The couple is blessed with a child, their son named Logan Visentin. The family resides in Barrie, Ontario, and there’s currently no negative news about the couple.

In the past, it was rumored that that David was having extramarital affairs with his co-host, Hilary Farr. The TV host debunked these allegations and reinstated his love and respect for his wife and family.

David Visentin Net Worth

As at the time of this writing, David Visentin has accumulated a net worth of more than $8 million. He has acquired his fortune from his profession as real estate agent, and has worked in this field for a very long time, up to more than two decades.

He has also been doing great in the film industry as well and has taken part in a number of television shows which have provided him a steady source of income. He is still active across all his known professions, and it’s a fact that his current position will enable him to stack up more fortune in a few years to come.

Mr. David Visentin is a man that is very dedicated to his career. He leaves no stones unturned and doesn’t let anything stop him from accomplishing anything. He has been in the business of hosting TV shows for a long time, and his continual presence in the industry is a strong indication that he is performing outstandingly well.


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