Jacob Tremblay Biography & Net Worth

Jacob Tremblay Biography & Net Worth

Jacob Tremblay Biography & Net Worth

Popular Name: Jacob Tremblay
Real Name:
Jacob Tremblay
Birth Date:
October 5, 2006 
Birth Place:
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Nationality: Canadian
Height: 152 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Children: N/A
Profession: Actor
Years active: 2013–Present
Net Worth: $1 Million
Last Updated: 2021


With his usually bright smile and impassioned range, Jacob Tremblay, a young and gifted Canadian actor, gained an enormous reputation as a highly praised performer while he was still attending elementary school. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, and raised in the nearby city Langley, Jacob was outgoing and charismatic as a small child. His police detective father was a former child actor for whom the movie industry was not unfamiliar, and so it was simple for Jacob to begin attending auditions from a very young age.

This fifteen-year-old lad is not just a pretty face; he is also ingenious and witty. He has won the hearts of millions in recent years and has equally picked up many awards along the way. His portrayal of a child locked up in a room with his mother in the movie ‘Room’ won him many fans as well as a Critic’s Choice Movie Award at the Canadian Cinema & Television Awards. He has been lucky enough to work with lots of stars in the industry. Known for his charm and grace, Jacob has won the hearts of mega stars and popular show hosts such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jimmy Kimmel, and Ellen DeGeneres. He takes pride in his work and pays attention to every detail while at the same time, puts in massive efforts to develop his acting skills. On that note, we will go through all the important details of this man’s life, ambitious career, finances, and personal life using this brief article. You may know Jacob Tremblay, but how well do you know this teenage actor? Continue to read this page for more info.

Early Life & Education

Jacob Tremblay is the son of homemaker Christina Tremblay and police detective Jason Tremblay. He was born on 5 October 2006 in Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada, but was brought up in the nearby Langley alongside his two sisters; both of them were former child actors as well.

He loves his siblings and also loves his studies. After he completed his elementary schooling, he registered at a local high school where he’s still studying at this time.

Jacob Tremblay Net Worth
Jacob Tremblay

Acting Career & Rise to Fame

As a child, Jacob started auditioning at a very tender age following the footsteps of his father who was a child actor as well. At the age of six, Jacob made his film debut in the animation ‘The Smurfs 2’ which aired in 2013. He later starred as Cody in the film ‘Before I Awake’, before going on to deliver his all-time best performance in the 2015 movie ‘Room’, which buttered his career and pushed him to the limelight at ten years of age.

Following his instant success, Jacob started to appear on many TV shows for interviews, including the likes of ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, and several others.

Films so Far

Jacob booked his first major role at the age of six, delivering a stellar performance in the 2013 animated movie “Smurfs 2”. The experience was terrifically positive for the young Jacob who was able to travel to Paris for the role along with his family. He would appear in a number of television movies over the coming year, but his next big break would come in 2015 when he was cast in the acclaimed drama “Room” (2015) opposite Brie Larson. Playing an abducted mother and son living in confinement, Jacob and Brie spent weeks playing together regularly to prepare for their roles, and their commitment ultimately paid off when the film and its performances were both met with major accolades.

Fresh off of this success he enjoyed from the movie “Room”, Jacob would embark on a number of assignments, co-starring with Thomas Jayne and Kate Bosworth in the horror flick “Before I Wake” (2016), starring in the adventure movie “Burn Your Maps” (2016), and appearing alongside Naomi Watts in the thriller “Shut In” (2016). Then in 2017, another resume-boosting part came along for Jacob when he played the role of a boy living with the defacing effects of Treacher Collins syndrome in the drama “Wonder” (2017). The movie was a huge success and Jacob’s performance met with well-deserved praise. He would make bigger moves in preparation for his subsequent projects, appearing in the thriller reboot “The Predator” (2018), and co-starring with two young actors for his next film, the R-rated comedy “Good Boys” (2019). His latest work was in the 2021 animated film “Luca” where he provided his voice for the role of Luca Paguro, a sea monster boy who explores a human-inhabited town with his best friend Alberto Scorfano (played by Jack Dylan Grazer). In addition to all the above, the young actor also made it into the video of Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber’s track “Lonely” (featuring Benny Blanco) in 2020.

Awards & Achievements

His performance in the movie ‘Room’ won him many fans as well as a Critic’s Choice Movie Award at the Canadian Cinema & Television Awards. He has had the privilege of working with many top stars in the film industry and the knowledge he garnered from this has helped his career tremendously.

Jacob Tremblay Biography
Young Jacob Tremblay and his Critics’ Choice Movie Award

Jacob attended more than a few award shows, even the Oscars! He was nominated for the ‘Screen Actors Guild Awards’ for ‘Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role’, making him the youngest person ever to be nominated in that category. Though he ended up not winning the award, his nomination was considered a huge win for such a young artist.

Personal Life & Family

Needless to mention that the 15-year-old star possesses remarkable acting skills and lovable looks, Jacob is regarded by a section of his fan base, as the perfect package of both brain and good looks. He is a brilliant actor and rapidly picks up suggestions and criticisms to better his performance. He has a lot of wits stored in his head and shows it wisely at interviews and also on his social accounts where millions of people currently follow him. Coming from a family that cheers him all the way up his career, his parents truly helped him progress as a great child actor. He is successful yet humble. He gives back to the society and supports various foundations for the needy.

In all, Jacob loves spending time with his parents and two sisters. He also hangs out with his friends and shares a brilliant rapport with all his co-stars.

Jacob Tremblay Net Worth: Salary, Brands, Assets, Endorsement Deals

Jacob Tremblay isn’t into acting for a particular reason. He’s the kind of person that is naturally gifted with the skills to act and play almost any given role perfectly. He started acting when he was six and has since made a big name for himself in the film industry where he has been active for over ten years.

From his professional career, Jacob Tremblay rakes in a lot of cash. He isn’t known to support any brands at this time, but his portrayals in films and shows alone provide him enough wealth to take care of his needs and also those of his close family members. As of today, Jacob Tremblay has netted a total of $1 million from his work. His biggest paycheck, though the exact salary was never disclosed, is said to have come from his performance in Wonder (2017), which amassed an astounding $285 million in generated revenue.

Due to the fact that he is still a teen actor, most of his finances are handled by his parents and the details of his salary and other earnings are hardly made known to the public. Jacob may own properties at this time but legally, nothing can be acquired under his name as he is still only 15.

With everything he has achieved in a short period, a promising future can be predicted for this lad who has even expressed his desire to go beyond acting and branch out into a screenwriting and film director.


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