Kelli Garner  Net Worth, Early And Personal Life, Acting Career and Filmography

Kelli Garner Net Worth
Kelli Garner Net Worth


Popular Name: Kelli Garner
Real Name: Kelli Brianne Garner
Birth Date: April 11, 1984
Birth Place: Bakersfield, California.
Age: 38 years old 
Gender: Female
Nationality/Citizenship: American
Height: 5.6ft
Weight: 54 kg
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Spouse(s): N/A
Children: N/A
Profession: Actress
Years active: 2000–present
Net Worth: $5 Million
Last Updated: 2022


You’re certainly at the right place if Kelli Garner net worth is what you’re searching for!

Did you know Kelli Brianne Garner popularly known as Kelli Garner is a 38-year-old American actress Born on April II, 1984 in Bakersfield, California?

In this Article you’re sure going to know what exactly Kelli Garner net worth is, in addition, you’ll get to know other things about her like her early and personal life, acting career, favorite quotes, social media, and awards.

Early and Personal Life

Kelli Brianne Garner professionally known as Kelli Garner is a 38-year-old American Actress born on April 11, 1984, in Bakersfield, California.

Kelli Garner spent her early childhood in Newbury Park before her family relocated and settled in Thousand Oaks.

Kelli Garner’s parents are Dawn Garner and Brian Garner.

Kelli Garner stands 5.6 feet tall and weighs 54 kilograms.

She attended Oaks Thousand High School.

While she was schooling at Thousand Oaks High School, Kelli  Garner bagged a role in director Mike Mills‘s short film Architecture of Assurance in 2000.

Kelli Garner was talented in soccer playing in high school.

She had planned on pursuing a career in soccer before she started working as an actress.

In regards to her relationships and love life, Kelli Garner had been in a relationship with  Lou Taylor Pucci some time ago in 2004.

Kelli Garner and Lou Taylor Pucci’s relationship lasted for a year and they broke up.

Thereafter, Kelli Garner dated Keanu Reeves in 2005 and in the same year got into another relationship with Logan Marshall-Green.

Her relationship with Logan Marshall-Green however ended in 2008 and in the same year Kelli Garner got into another relationship with Eric Jungmann.

In 2011, Kelli Garner was in a relationship with Johnny Galecki, and their relationship ended in 2014.

Kelli Garner is currently single, and if she is in a relationship, then decided to make it private.

Kelli Garner practices Christianity as her religious belief.

Her Zodiac sign is Aries

Kelli Garner’s hobbies are  Travelling, Playing, and Watching Movies.

Kelli Garner Acting Career

Shortly before we talk about Kelli Garner net worth we would tell you about her acting career since she has gathered a fortune from it.

Kelli Garner has been featured in various independent and mainstream films, television, and theater.

She cast a supporting role in the television film Time Share in 2000.

She did her feature film debut when she was 17 years old in Larry Clark’s Bully in the year 2001.

In Bully, Kelli Garner acted as Heather Swallers, a teenager who participated in orchestrated murder of one of their peers with her friends.

Her role came as a result of her performance in Mike Mills’s short Architecture of Assurance.

The film was based on the real-life1993 murder of Bobby Kent.

Thereafter, in 2004, Kelli Garner took up a supporting role as Faith Domergue in Martin Scorsese’s The Aviator.

In 2005, Kelli Garner did her New York stage debut in the Off-Broadway production of  Dog Sees God.

She starred alongside   America Ferrara, Eddie Kaye Thomas, and Ari Graynor, among many others.

Kelli Garner later appeared in the Green Day music video, “Jesus of Suburbia with Lou Taylor Pucci.

In subsequent years, Kelli Garner got lead roles in various independent films including Thumbsucker in 2005, Man of the House, a studio comedy in 2005, and Lars and the Real Girl which was a comedy-drama in 2007.

Kelli Garner got back to the theater in 2008 and was featured in The Seagull starring alongside Dianne Wiest.

In her later roles, Kelli Garner has had supporting roles in the Disney animated film G-Force in  2009, and also the Pan Am, from 2011 to 2012.

Kelli Garner later starred alongside Daniel Radcliffe in Alexandre Aja’s fantasy horror film Horns in 2014.

In 2015, Kelli Garner acted as Marilyn Monroe in the television film The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, Starring alongside Susan Sarandon.

Kelli Garner served as a guest actress on the series Looking from 2014 to 2015.

Later In 2019, Kelli Garner starred as the lead on the NBC  drama series The Enemy Within which lasted for a season.

Kelli Garner also played a minor role in the monster film Godzilla: King of the Monsters in 2019.

Kelli Garner Filmography

The American Star Actress, Kelli Garner has in all her career appeared in the following films:

In 2001,  Kelli Appeared in the following films:

  • Bully portraying  Heather Swallers

In 2002, Kelli Appeared in the following films: 

  • Love Liza portraying Huffer Girl
  • Hometown Legend portrays Josie
  • Outside portraying The Girl

In 2004, Kelli Appeared in the following films:

  • The Aviator portraying Faith Domergue

In 2005Kelli Appeared in the following films:

  • The Toast portrays the Bride
  • Thumbsucker portraying RebeccaMan of the House portraying Barbara ‘Barb’ Thompson
  • London Portraying Maya
  • Piggy Banks Portraying Archer

 In 2006, Kelli Garner appeared in the following films:

  • Dreamland as Calista
  • Return to Rajapur as Samantha Hartley

In 2007 Kelli Garner appeared in the following films:

  • Normal Adolescent Behavior Portraying Billie
  •  Lars and the Real Girl Portraying Margo

In 2008 Kelli Garner appeared in the following films:

  • Red Velvet as Linda

 In 2009, Kelli Garner appeared in the following films:

  • Taking Woodstock Portrayed VW Girl
  • G-Force Portrayed Marcie
  • In 2010, Kelli Garner appeared in the following films:
  • Going the Distance as Brianna

In 2011, Kelli Garner appeared in the following films:

  • The Lie Portrayed Brianna

In 2014, Kelli Garner appeared in the following films:

  • Horns as Glenna Shepherd

In 2015, Kelli Garner appeared in the following films:

  • Americana as Kate
  • One More Time as Corinne

In 2019, Kelli Garner appeared in the following films:

  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters as USS Argo Officer Cross

 In 2021, Kelli Garner appeared in the following films:

  •  What Josiah Saw she Portrayed Mary Milner

Kelli Garner TV Appearances

Kelli Garner, throughout her career, has had TV appearances as follows:

In 2000 Kelli Garner appeared in

  • Time Share as Kelly, The Beach Girl

In 2001 she appeared in

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Kirstie,
  • Grounded for Life as Tracey

In 2002 she appeared in

  • Da Möb as Melanie Spores

In 2003 she appeared in

  • Regular Joe as Nikki

In 2004 she appeared in

  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Brittany O’Malley

In 2009 she appeared in

  • American Dad! as  Waitress

 In 2010 she appeared in

My Generation as Dawn Barbuto

In 2011 she appeared in

  • Pan Am as Kate Cameron

 In 2013 she appeared in

  •  Two Wrongs as Jenny

In 2014 she appeared in

  • Looking Portraying Megan Murray

In 2015 she appeared in

  • The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe as Marilyn Monroe

 In 2019, she appeared in

  • The Enemy Within as Kate Ryan

Kelli Garner Music Video Appearances

Appearances in music videos have also boosted Kelli Garner net worth as she makes a lot of money being featured.

The Star Actress, Kelli Garner has been featured in various music videos among whose notable ones are as follows:

in 2001, she appeared in the following:

  • “Epiphany”
  • Staind
  • Provider
  • Girlfriend
  • N.E.R.D.

In 2005 she appeared in the following:

  • Jesus of Suburbia
  • Whatsername.

Kelli Garner Awards

America’s star actress, Kelli Garner, although her career has bagged numerous awards among whose notable ones are as follows:

  • In 2006 Kelli Garner won Best Actress at the  Method Fest
  • She won Best Actress in 2012 at the Burbank International Film festival
  • In 2021 Kelli Garner got an Honorary Mention at the Mammoth Lakes Film Festival
  • Kelli Garner bagged a  nomination for Best Actress in a Motion Picture or Miniseries
  • She also won OFTA Television Award Online Film and Television Association in 2015

Kelli Garner Social Media

following the trend, impacts, and influences of social media, Kelli Garner isn’t backward at all.

she has pages where she reaches across to her fans and where her fans reach her as well.

Kelli Garner has a verified Instagram account with the username @thekelligarner where she posts a lot of photos and videos.

Kelli Garner also has a verified Twitter account with the username @kgarnerorg to mention just a few.

Kelli Garner Favorite Quotes

The American-born actress, Kelli Garner is known for her favorite quotes whose notable ones are as follows:

  • “Hollywood can be an ugly place and it can do ugly things to you”. – Kelli Garner
  • ” I like men who are more in their heads”. -Kelli Garner
  • I seem to be attracted to the quiet, brooding type. But not too brooding. Too brooding can be narcissistic. Or psychotic”. – Kelli Garner
  • I want a guy who can clean my gutters and kill my spiders – who’s simple yet layered.Kelli Garner
  • In fact, I’m a geek. –  Kelli Garner

Kelli Garner Net Worth

Having been into acting and the entertainment industry for over a couple of decades, it’s just ordinarily everyone’s assumption that Kelli Garner is swimming in multiple millions of dollars, and that assumption isn’t wrong at all.

As earlier mentioned, acting as a career has been the real big secret behind Kelli Garner net worth

Some current statistics carried out in 2022 show Kelli Garner net worth is an estimated five million US dollars($ 5 million).


when numbering the most successful actresses in America and the world at large, Kelli Garner will definitely make it to the top of the chart.

Her acting prowess and abilities are simply amazing and incredible.

Without any doubt, and being optimistic enough, it is expected that Kelli Garner net worth will surely increase before the year runs out.


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