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Randy Quaid Net Worth, Early and Personal Life, Career

Randy Quaid Net Worth, Early and Personal Life, Career
Randy Quaid Net Worth, Early and Personal Life, Career

Randy Quaid Net Worth -$1 million.

Popular Name: Randy Quaid
Real Name: Randall Rudy Quaid
Birth Date: 1 October 1950
Birth Place: Houston, Texas, United States
Age: 72 years
Gender: Male
Nationality/Citizenship: American
Height: 1.96 m
Weight: N/A
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Spouse(s): Evi Quaid
Children: Amanda Quaid
Profession: Actor
Years active: 1973-present
Net Worth: -$1 million.
Last Updated: 2022


Randall, Randy Rudy Quaid is a 72-year-old American actor born on 1 October 1950 in Houston, Texas, United States who has shown up in both serious drama and light comedy.

In 1973, he was nominated for an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, and a Golden Globe Award for his performance in The Last Detail. He co-starred as a prisoner in Midnight Express in 1978. Quaid was also nominated for an Emmy and won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of US President Lyndon B. Johnson in LBJ.

In this article, I will be giving you broad details about Randy Quaid’s Net Worth as well as his Early life, Career, etc as you read below.

He was also nominated for an Emmy for his performance this season in A Streetcar Named Desire (1984) and Elvis (2005). Quaid is also well-known for playing Cousin Eddie in the National Lampoon’s Vacation films and Russell Casse in Independence Day (1996).

Early Life and Education

Quaid was born in Houston, Texas, to real estate agent Juanita Bonniedale “Nita” (née Jordan) and electrician William Rudy Quaid (November 21, 1923 – February 8, 1987. Quaid is a first cousin twice removed of cowboy entertainer Gene Autry through his father. Randy Quaid grew up in Bellaire, Texas, a small city in southwest Houston surrounded by Houston.

He took a drama class in high school on the spur of the moment, not expecting to enjoy the lectures. However, after the third day, he was captivated by the course and decided to pursue acting as a career.

Acting Career

Randy Quaid has starred in more than 90 films. When Quaid was a student at the University of Houston, Peter Bogdanovich discovered him, and he got his first break in Bogdanovich’s The Last Picture Show. His personality drives Jacy Farrow (Cybill Shepherd) to an indoor skinny dip at a swimming pool late at night.

The Last Detail was Quaid’s first major critically acclaimed role (1973). He depicted Larry Meadows, a young United States Navy sailor on his way to prison for petty theft. Jack Nicholson played a sailor tasked with transporting him to prison.

Quaid received Academy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actor, Golden Globe nominations for Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture, and BAFTA nominations for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. In 1976, he co-starred in The Missouri Breaks with Marlon Brando. Quaid did appear as a minor character in Alan Parker’s 1978 drama Midnight Express, about Americans and an Englishman imprisoned in Turkey.

Quaid co-starred with Charles Bronson in Breakout, a 1975 action film based on real-life events about a Mexican prison escape. Quaid also starred in the comedies Martians Go Home and Cold Dog Soup, as well as the role of King of Spain in Goya’s Ghosts.

He earned a Golden Globe Award and an Emmy nomination in 1987 for his portrayal of President Lyndon B. Johnson in LBJ: The Early Years. Quaid asserted that he had wanted to play Johnson since he first started acting.

He played the monster in the 1992 film Frankenstein, opposite Patrick Bergin as Victor Frankenstein. Quaid stated “I wanted to make the monster a disfigured man rather than just a monster. I wanted to highlight human characteristics. He is essentially fighting for equal rights. He desires anything a man would desire.

He believed he could handle the Viet Cong as he did people in Texas. He did believe he could convince them. But he knew nothing about them or their culture.

In 1990, he co-starred in Quick Change with Bill Murray. Quaid also appeared in four of the seven National Lampoon’s Vacation films as Cousin Eddie, a jovial redneck relative (by marriage) to Beverly D’Angelo, Chevy Chase’s Clark Griswold’s wife.

Soon after appearing in the third installment of the series, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Quaid was cast in Days of Thunder (1990) as NASCAR car owner and successful car salesman named Tim Daland, a very determined businessman who expected that his team should be top-notch for fans and sponsors. Quaid was cast as the lead in a Vacation spin-off, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie’s Island Adventure (2003), his final appearance in the franchise to date.

As rancher Joe Aguirre in Brokeback Mountain (2005), he played a pivotal supporting role. Quaid co-starred in the Canadian independent comedy Real Time (2008), which premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival in 2008. He received a Vancouver Film Critics Circle Award for his acclaimed performance.

Following his work in the direct-to-video comedy Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach (2009), Quaid was unable to work for nearly a decade due to legal issues.

Even though the character of Cousin Eddie is stated verbally in Vacation (2015), Quaid was not inquired to reprise it. He made a comeback in Rob Margolies’ weight loss comedy All You Can Eat (2018), which premiered at the SOHO International Film Festival in June 2018.

Television Career

Quaid co-starred as Lenny in the two-part television film adaptation of John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men in 1981. Quaid’s other television appearances include a season as a cast member of Saturday Night Live (SNL) (1985-1986), the role of gunslinger John Wesley Hardin in the miniseries Streets of Laredo, and starring roles in the short-lived series The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire (2003) and Davis Rules (2004). (1991–1992).

He appeared in the critically acclaimed television films Category 6: Day of Destruction (2004) and Category 7: The End of the World (2005), as well as Last Rites, a Starz/Encore! premiere film. In radio and television commercials for the fast-food restaurant chain Kentucky Fried Chicken, Quaid played Colonel Sanders.

Quaid’s other voice-over credits include Capitol One Credit Card, US Air, Miller Beer, and a cameo appearance on The Ren and Stimpy Show (as Anthony’s father in the second-season episode “A Visit to Anthony”).

In 2005, he was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Emmy for his performance as Elvis Presley’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker, in the critically acclaimed CBS television network miniseries Elvis.

Music Career

Quaid has done some musical work, mostly with his band Randy Quaid & The Fugitives. The band’s first single, “Star Whackers,” was released in March 2011. On April 23, 2011, the Quaids premiered an accompanying film, Star Whackers, in Vancouver.

Personal Life

Quaid married former model Ella Marie Jolly on May 11, 1980, and they had a daughter, Amanda Marie, on May 29, 1983. They separated on August 24, 1989, after being separated on September 9, 1986.

In December 1987, Quaid met Evi Motolanez on the set of Madonna’s film Bloodhounds on Broadway. On October 5, 1989, they wedded at the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, California. Dennis, his future sister-in-law Meg Ryan, and his six-year-old daughter Amanda were all present.

Political View

Following 2016, Quaid became an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump, believing that the outcome of the 2020 US presidential election would be the result of widespread election fraud. Three weeks after the election, Trump thanked Quaid on Twitter for agreeing with his claim.

Legal issues

In 2006, Quaid sued the producers of Brokeback Mountain for misrepresenting the film as “a low-budget, art-house film with no prospect of making money” in order to secure Quaid’s professional acting services at below-market rates.

Quaid and his wife were arrested in 2009 for allegedly defrauding a Santa Barbara innkeeper by paying a $10,000 bill with an invalid credit card. However, they failed repeatedly to show up in court, and arrest warrants were issued. They eventually appeared in court the following year, where the case against Quaid was dismissed due to a lack of evidence.

Quaid and his wife were charged with burglary in September 2010 after spending five days in the guest house of a vacant home they once owned in Santa Barbara. The Quaids claimed that a forged signature was used to transfer the home to a third party. Having failed to appear in court, warrants for their arrest were issued, and they also forfeited their bail.

Quaid and his wife moved to Vancouver, Canada, in October 2010, to seek asylum under the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, claiming that they feared for their lives in the United States.

Quaid migrate to Montreal in 2013 and was briefly arrested for failing to register as a non-resident. The Quaids sued the US State Department in 2014 for revoking their passports in 2011.

Quaid’s legal appeals in Canada had been drained by 2015, and he was notified that he would be deported. The couple drove across the Canadian border into Vermont one week before their deportation date, where they were detained by US Customs. The couple was detained pending the outcome of an extradition hearing ordered by the state of California.

The Vermont judge found irregularities in the State of California’s case and voided the extradition request, releasing the Quaids and allowing them to remain in Vermont without conditions. With his lawyer by his side, Quaid claimed in a press conference that he was released because a California judge issued an arrest warrant before the alleged crime was committed.

In theory, the Quaids were subject to arrest if he traveled to another state, but they vacationed in California without incident in 2017. Quaid and his wife intended to settle in Vermont permanently because his wife grew up there.

Randy Quaid’s Net Worth

Randy Quaid is an American actor, who has appeared in a number of notable films over the years known for his versatile acting style and has a net worth of -$1 million.


Randy Quaid is not only a musician but also a certified actor. As a star actor, Randy is one person who puts smiles on the faces of millions of people.

He has had all of his successful careers as a singer and actor, according to all indications and shreds of evidence.

Randy’s net worth is expected to increase by a significant margin before the end of the year.



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