Revealed: Dangote, Abdulsamad Made N30.4 Billion in 8 Hours!

Dangote and Rabiu Abdulsamad

Nigerian billionaires, Aliko Dangote and Rabiu Abdulsamad, have continued to grow their wealth created from businesses such as cement, agriculture Dangote’s fortune appreciated by 0.03 per cent, Abdulsamad net worth has increased by 1.62 per cent today, N28.85 billion and N1.64 billion gain respectively The founder of Dangote Cement is now worth $13.4 billion, while BUA founder’s wealth is put at $4.3 billion as of Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Aliko Dangote, founder of Dangote Industries Limited, and Rabiu Abdulsamad, founder of BUA Group, made a combined N30.4 billion in eight hours on Tuesday, October 12, 2021. The two billionaires recorded this amount at the end of the capital market this evening.

While Dangote remains the richest man in Africa, the cement producer fell short of the earnings his counterpart, Abdulsamad, made today, as their wealth grew by 0.03 per cent and 1.62 per cent respectively.

The wealth of Dangote Cement founder rose to $13.4 billion to maintain his lead on Nigeria and Africa’s richest person list. According to a tracking billionaire index by Reuters, he gained N1.64 billion in eight hours.

Abdulsamad’s fortune, on the other hand, recorded 1.62 per cent increase in his net worth which rose to $4.3 billion after he gained N28.85 billion in eight hours as reported by the billionaire index

With his wealth put at $13.4 billion on Tuesday, Dangote occupied 191st position on the global billionaire list, sitting comfortably and far from Abdulsamad, who is placed 574 spot.


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