Riky Rick Net Worth, Musical Career, Choreography, Filmography,

Riky Rick Net Worth

Popular Name: Riky Rick
Real Name: Rikhado Makhado
Birth Date: 20 June 1987
Birth Place: KwaMashu, South Africa
Age:  34 years old
Gender: Male
Nationality/Citizenship: South African
Height: 1.83 M
Weight: 80 kg
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Spouse(s): Bianca Naidoo
Children: Malik Daniel Makhado, Jordan Makhado
Profession: Rapper, Filmographer, Choreographer, and Stylist.
Years active: 2006 till death
Net Worth: $2 Million
Last Updated: 2022


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Rikhado Musiwendlovu Makhado popularly called Riky Rick was one of  South Africa’s most talented Rappers, songwriters, Actors, and Record Producer Singer.

As you read on you’ll find out exactly Riky Rick net worth, and some other pieces of information like his early/personal life, musical career/songs, endorsements, awards, social media, other activities outside music, and cause of death.


Early And Personal Life

Before we talk about Riky Rick net worth, it is important you know about his early and personal life.

Rikhado Muziwendlovu Makhado professionally known as Riky Rick was South Africa’s Rapper, Songwriter, Actor, and Record Producer Singer born on 20th  June 1987in KwaMashu, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

His parents got separated while he was yet a child.

Riky Rick’s dad relocated to Johannesburg while his mom was a scholar who was based in South Africa and the United Kingdom and subsequently became a promoter.

Riky Rick was one among eight children.

All his siblings are males; four siblings from his mom and three siblings as half brothers, making it an aggregate of seven siblings.

Riky Rick attended both primary and secondary schools in KwaMashu.

Thereafter, Riky Rick got admitted to Hilton College.

Riky Rick after he graduated from Hilton College, enrolled at the South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance (AFDA), where he studied Media and Film Production as his major.

Riky rich’s childhood friends always described him as a creative individual who was entrepreneurial, kindhearted, and artistically gifted, even at a young age.

Riky Rick got married to, Bianca Naidoo, in a basic wedding service held in a private area in South Africa.

The two love birds never got embarrassed about flaunting their affection on online media platforms and social events.

Riky Rick and his wife met at a café in Sandton, where they caught strong and undying feelings and preferences for one another.

The couple has two children together, a son Maik Daniel Makhado born in 2014, and a daughter, Jordan Makhado in 2010.

Riky Rick Musical Career

Riky Rick also called King Kotini Boss, Zonke’s music profession started at a young age.

Riky Rick did a lot of work on sustaining his ability for instruments and on his raps as a lyricist that he was.

When he started music, Riky Rick used to perform and record with Bongani Fassie.

Through Bongani Fassie, Riky Rick began to build his own ideal sounds.

Riky Rick at the initial stage began with the single, Barbershop highlighting Da L.E.S. – a South African rapper.

Riky Rick rose to fame after he delivered his hit single, Nafukwa, in 2014.

Following the release of a successful single, Riky Rick then came up with  Amantombazane, which brought about a distinction in his career.

In 2014, Riky Rick presented his album, Family Values, Centered on his childhood and the house where he had his childhood experience in KwaMashu.

Riky released a remix for Amantombazane soon after the first melody.

Riky Rick featured South Africa’s Hip-Hop stars like OkMalumkoolKat, Maggz, Kwesta, Ginger Bread Man, Kid X, Nadia Nakai, and DJ Dimplez.

Riky had no doubt established his spot in the music industry.

After much confidence in his sound, Riky Rick went on and released Boss Zonke, which overshadowed the South African music outlines for over 12 weeks on radio broadcasts.

Riky Rick’s Boss Zonke ranked at number 3 on the S.A. Hip Hop Top Ten Chart.

Riky Rick kept on making waves in South Africa’s Music space to the admiration and nods of lovers of rap and hip-hop music.

Thereafter Riky Rick dropped his single, Sondela being his  fifth single ever since his presentation.

Riky Rick’s Sondela was dedicated to his genuine love, featuring South African vocalist, Zano.

Understanding what it takes to stay and stand strong in the music industry and what his audience desire to hear, Riky  Rick was consistent and confident in sustaining his talent and hard work.

After a while, in 2016 Riky Rick released Sidlukotini.

Riky Rick is notable for his feelings and uniqueness of style as shown in his single  Sidlukotini.

To solidify his new strong in South African Hip-Hop, Riky Rick released his Extended Play (E.P.), Scooby Snacks.

As an upcoming brand, Riky Rick restricted his E.P.  for highlights and just element Frank Casino on his single, Family.

The all-inclusive album has the hit tunes, Oh LordBandz Over Fans, and Family.

Riky Rick released another mind-blowing play in 2017, Stay Shinning, produced under his record name Cotton Club Records and was officially endorsed by Sony Music Entertainment Africa.

Riky E.P. included Stay Shining, featuring Cassper Nyovest, Professor, Major League Djz, and Alie Keys.

The next single from the E.P., was Murdah, featuring Davido and Gemini Major.

Riky Rick had released songs like:

In 2014 he released Summertime Love

In 2015 he released Boss Zonke, Amantombazane, Nafukwa, Sondela, Till I Die, A Time To Love, Wonder Years, Come Alive, Shining, Makaveli, Papa Song, 94/ It’s Getting Worse, Do Better, Bambelela, and Zulu.

In 2016 he released Sidlukotini.

In 2017 he released Stay Shining, Pick You Up, Murdah, Fuseg, Buy, It, Out, Vapors, and Joy.

In 2018 he released I Can’t Believe It.

In 2019 he released You And I.

In 2020 he released UNGAZINCISHI, Home, Abangani Bami, and Play Your Part-Africa Unite.

Other Activities Outside Music

Riky Rick ventured into the hairdresser business with the brand name Legends Barber.

The Legend Barber was a famous up-to-standard hair stylist, widely patronized by South African superstars.

The Barbershop is situated in Waterfall, Midrand.


Endorsement deals also contributed to Riky Rick net worth

Ricky Rick had announced on his Instagram page some time ago, that he bagged an Ambassadorial Deal with Remy Martin, a French Established brand of Cognac, founded in 1724.

He had also signed a Partnership Deal with a Major African Bank.

Riky Rick Awards And Nominations

The Talented South African Rap and Hip-Hop Star Star had bagged nominations and won the following Awards:

In 2020  Riky Rick was nominated for the Best Male Award for the KZN Entertainment Awards.

Riky 2021 won Best Collaboration, Artist of the Decade, and MVP/ Hustler of the Year at the South African Hip-Hop Awards.

Riky Rick Social Media

In line with the wide usage of social media, Riky Rick didn’t hesitate to reach out to his fans through the various Social media platforms.

He had got quite an interesting and accumulating number of followers on his Instagram page with the username @rikyrickworld.

Riky Rick Cause of Death

Most times people think money and fame bring a lot of happiness all by their selves, However, recent incidents have proven the mindset wrong.

Many rich and famous superstars and role models aren’t happy despite their wealth and status in society, as was the case of Riky Rick.

The South African Rap and Hip-Hop Star, Riky Rick had battled depression for a long time.

His depression had everything to show in his posts on his Social media platforms.

On February 23, 2022, Riky Rick ended it all as he committed suicide to a report.

Riky Rick died at the age of 34 in Johannesburg, the Gauteng Province’s Capital of South Africa.

Riky Ricky was pronounced dead by his family.

In his last word, Riky Rick said to his beloved wife, Bianca Naidoo “I’m on my way home, I love you”.

Riky Rick Net Worth

How the South African talented rapper, Riky Rick makes his money isn’t controversial nor obscure at all, having it that he owns the Cotton Club Studio associated with Sony Records.

His music career is no doubt the major builder of  Riky Rick net worth.

Consequently, Riky Rick makes almost all his money through music.

He, Riky Rick also earns from his annual event, Cotton Fest, founded and hosted by him.

At the Cotton Fest, music and fashion are combined and he, Riky Rick uses it to sell his merchandise.

Recall that Riky Rick ventured into the hairdressing business as well.

Without any doubt, the super-talented South African Rap and Hip-Hop, Riky Rick has gathered an estimated  Thirty Million South African Rand (R30 MILLION), which equates to Two Million US Dollars ($ 2 million).

All of his ventures sum up with his major career being music to build the Riky Rick net worth you know now.


Riky Rick was one of South Africa’s valued Assets, with no negative energy and many controversies.

To Riky Rick, he believes in a good attitude, hard work, and peaceful co-existence.

As a matter of fact, Riky in one of his interview sessions with  Tshisa Live clarified his hard-working attitude and that he has faith in sharing at whatever point there was a chance.

In Riky Ricky’s words, he said  “I don’t require a lot of the spotlight in this stage in my life… I need others to win, I simply need everybody to win.”

His death came as shock to many and is indeed a great loss to South Africa at large.

However, but not for his demise, there’s every possibility that Riky Rick net worth would have gone up than it is now.



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