Before Serena Williams Doll: A Story Of A Legend Who Never Stopped

Serena Williams Doll

The tennis sensation has left her fans on their feet all through her active years. Aside from her achievements on the tennis court, the Serena Williams doll and her various investments are some of the things she’s also known for.

In this article, we will take a look at Serena Williams’s life – from her early life to her career breakthroughs and business innovations. Is Serena Williams doll one of her business innovations or a billion-dollar idea? We’ll go into details in this article.

Serena Williams Early Life

Serena Williams is an American professional tennis player who has been ranked world no 1 by the Women’s Tennis Association on 8 separate occasions. She was born on 26 September 1981, in Saginaw, Michigan, USA to her parents, Richard and Oracene Williams and she is the youngest of her parent’s five daughters.

Her father was formerly a Louisiana Sharecropper and wanted desperately for Serena and her sister Venus to live and have better lives than he did, so he ensured to train Serena and Venus based on the information he had gathered from videos and books to that effect.

As a result of the constant training and practice, in 1991, Serena Williams was ranked the No. 1 in the 10 and under division on the Junior United States Tennis Association Tour and then she moved to Florida with her family even though she was doing greatly where she was located.

However, she had to get a better training and instruction in order to rise professionally in her tennis career and in 1995, she turned a ‘Pro’ and she arguably rose to the 205 spots in the world in just one year ranking at the age of 13 years old.

This great feat made her to draw massive attention for her powerful playing styles and her fierce athleticism. After , she graduated from the high school, she decided to pursue her tennis career fully.

Serena Williams Tennis Career

Soon, after she graduated, she signed a $13 million dollars deal with PUMA and in 2000, she and her sister Venus Williams won gold medals in the doubles event at the Olympics that was held in Sydney, Australia.

Going forward, she won the French Open, the US Open and the Wimbledon in 2002 beating her sister, Venus Williams in each final. In 2003, she became one of the six women to earn a career Grand Slam which she called ‘Serena Slam’ and still continued to be one of the best players in tennis.

Sadly, injuries set in as she suffered a setback and underwent treatment for knee issues and blood clots in the course of her flourishing career and as a result, people thought and wondered if she would retire in 2011 but then she came back stronger.

In 2017, she won the Australian Open, which was her 23rd Grand Slam while she was pregnant with her first child.

Prior to the tournament, she had already taken a pregnancy test at the request of her friend as she told ‘Vanity Fair’ but she even could not believe the result, herself, so she went further to take part in the Australian Open and eventually won beating again her sister, Venus Williams to the title in straight sets.

Serena Williams Marriage and Family

Serena Williams got engaged to Reddit co-founder, Alex Ohanian in 2016, whom she met in 2015 amid the rumors that she was dating rapper, Drake, but he clearly shared her engagement with Alex with a resonating poem on Reddit which goes this way;

“I came home a little late

Someone had a bag packed for me

And a carriage awaited.

Destination Rome

To escort me to my very own charming

Back to where our stars first collided

And now it was full circle

At the same table we first met by chance

This time he made it not by chance

But by choice

Down on one knee

He said 4 words

And isaidyes”

The two lovebirds, Serena Williams and Alex Ohanian finally got married in New Orleans, USA in November, 2017, which was well attended by top celebrities like Beyonce, Eva Longoria and Kim Kardashian among other prominent personalities from all walks of life to honor her.

The couple have a child, Alexia Olympia Ohanian Jr. who was born in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

Serena Williams Doll

Serena Williams and her sister, Venus have been recognized globally for expanding the popularity of women’s tennis competitions. This is partly because of the strength and athleticism displayed in their games, and partly because of the prominence and relevance they have successfully garnered in a sport previously dominated by the Caucasians for so many generations.

This singular feat motivated the production and launch of the Venus and Serena Williams doll. The doll was produced in 2001 by the Florida-based toy company, Play Along Toys.

It sold as a single Serena Williams doll, and as a set, with her older sister Venus Williams. The doll set was collectively called Venus & Serena ‘Grand Slam’ Champions. 

The Serena Williams doll came with a mini gear set – all the accessories for planning tennis. This includes the tennis racquets, visors, tennis shoes, sports bags and visors.

Price of Serena Williams doll on Amazon

Price of Serena Williams doll on eBay

Qai Qai Doll

This is another popularly known Serena Williams doll. Qai Qai is the favorite doll of  Williams’ four-year-old daughter, Olympia.

Like most people born in her time, Williams did not have the opportunity of growing up with a doll that matched her skin color.

Hence, one of her desires as a mom was to provide her daughter with that luxury.  This drove her to buy Qai Qai, a black doll that turned out to be Olympia’s first doll.

On the 22nd of August, 2018, Olympia’s celebrity doll made her first social media post on Instagram. Since then, she has amassed a large social media following and gained millions of fans across her social media platforms.

As a result of this growing popularity, Qai Qai has become Amazon’s best-selling doll and featured in a number of coloring books via a partnership with Adobe. She also has a YouTube channel where she posts various short videos of herself.

Recently, the tennis start teamed up with Invisible Universe to bring the doll to life. She revealed on a social media post that the 16-year-old Taikirha Miller will voice the character of Qai Qai in upcoming YouTube series.

Serena Williams doll adventure didn’t just stop here. She has also gone ahead to author a children’s book, The Adventures of Qai Qai. This book

Serena Williams Assets

Serena Williams currently owns homes in Palm Beach Garden, Paris, Beverly Hills, and Bel air

Her Business Investments

She has her own clothing signature with HSN which she called the Serena Williams Signature Statement Collection that is designed to inspire all women to know that it is okay to love and embrace who they are and to be unapologetically bold and beautiful in anything that they wear.

Her Charity Organization

she makes time out for her charity organization called Serena Williams Fund, of which her organization has built schools in Kenya and Jamaica and equally provided education to the under privileged youth and children.

Endorsement Deal and Sponsorship

Serena Williams has had so many endorsement deals which includes, Delta Airline, Gatorade, Aston Martin, Pepsi, Beatz by Dre, One Piece, IBM, iNTEL, Chase Bank, amongst others

Serena Williams Net Worth

Serena Williams, no doubt, is one of the richest and influential female athletes in the world with an estimated net worth of $ 250 million dollars.


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