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Todd Bridges Net Worth, Biography, Career, Salary, and Income

Todd Bridges Net Worth, Biography, Career, Salary, and Income
Todd Bridges Net Worth

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Todd  Anthony Bridges, professionally known as Todd Bridges is one of America’s finest Actors born on May 27, 1965, in San Francisco California.

He is widely known for portraying Willis Jackson on the sitcom Diff’rent Strokes and has an estimated net worth of $250 Thousand

In this net worth Article, we aren’t just going to show you Todd Bridges net worth but a few other relevant pieces of information like his early and personal life, Acting career, to help you have a good knowledge of him.

Popular Name: Todd  Bridges
Real Name: Todd Anthony Bridges
Birth Date: May 27, 1965
Birth Place: San Francisco, California
Age: 57 years old
Gender: Male
Nationality/Citizenship: American
Height: 1.8 M
Weight: 70 kg
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Spouse(s): Bettijo Hirschi
Children: Spencir Bridges, Bo J. Rushing
Profession: Actor
Years active: 1975–present
Net Worth: $250 Thousand
Last Updated: 2022


Todd  Bridges Early and Personal Life

Todd Anthony Bridges popularly known as Todd Bridges is a 57-year-old   American actor born on May 27, 1965. in San Francisco, California.

Todd Bridges’s mother Betty Alice Pryor is an actress, director, and manager, and his father James Bridges Sr., is a talent agent.

Todd has two siblings including Jimmy Bridges, and Verda Bridges, and a niece Brooke Bridges all actors.

Todd Bridges stands 1.8 m tall and weighs 70 kg. Bridges education isn’t available at the moment.

Concerning his relationships, marriages, and love life, Todd Bridges was previously married to Dori Bridges (née Smith), also a former child actor who appeared in the film Daddy Day Camp and an episode of iCarly.

Before the couple divorced, they had a son together  Spencir Bridges, born July 15, 1998, and also has a daughter, Bo J. Rushing from a previous relationship.

Todd bridges are currently married to a designer Bettijo Hirschi.

Todd Bridges Acting Career


In 1989, Todd Bridges starred in She’s Out of Control portraying Water Man and in 1992 starred in The Sounds of Silence as Joe Goodman.

 In 1996, Todd Bridges appeared in  Gangstaz as Tyrone, and in 1997

Portrayed Dr. Glick The Girl Gets Moe

In 1998, he starred in The Waterfront as Gary Franklin and the following year portrayed Dr. Acosta in Flat Out.

Todd in 2000, was featured in  The Thief & the Stripper

As Burn and in 2002 appeared in The Beach House as Todd, The Climb as Eddie, Welcome to America as Easy T and Scream at the Sound of the Beep as Lamar.

Todd Bridges also appeared in Pacino is Missing as Harrison Dodge co-starring Dana Plato and again appeared in Baby of the Family as Ted.

In 2003, Bridges appeared in Pauly Shore Is Dead as Todd and Dumb Luck as Lincoln

In 2004, Bridges starred in Land of the Free? portraying Alex and Curse of the Maya portraying Ruben Herardo.

In 2005, Todd Bridges was featured in Treasure N’Tha Hood portraying Henry Nails, also he appeared in Issues as Carson and again in I Got Five on It as Jimmy.

Todd Bridges was featured in San Franpsycho

as Officer Eckersley in 2006 and  2007, he starred in Frankie D portraying Frankie D.

In 2008, Todd Bridges was featured in Darkroom, portraying

Charles the Barkeep and the following year appeared in See Dick Run as ATM and also appeared in I Got Five on It Too as Jimmy.

In 2012, Todd Bridges starred in That’s My Boy as Todd and in Turning Point as Marvin. In 2014, Todd appeared in Monsters on Main Street as Larry Goleman.

Todd Bridges 2016 was featured in Dependent’s Day, portraying Hank Wright, Precious Mettle as Sam, The White Sistas playing Bishop Wilkins, and Dead Ringer playing Detective Billington.

That same 2016, Todd Bridges’ other appearances included Bar Chronicles as The Customer, Nightblade as Detective Francesco, Renaissance Man as Todd, and Hospital Arrest as Prosecutor Denuyl.

In 2017, Todd Bridges appeared in The White Sistas portraying Bishop Wilkins, and in 2019 starred in A Psycho’s Path as Haywood


Todd Bridges starred in The Waltons, Little House on the Prairie, and the landmark miniseries Roots, and was a regular on the Barney Miller spinoff Fish.

He played Willis Jackson on the long-running NBC sitcom ”Different Strokes” and as a result became a household name, alongside fellow stars, Conrad Bain, Charlotte Rae, Dana Plato, and Gary Coleman.

Due to Rae’s demise in 2018, Two actors, Mary Jo Catlett and Danny Cooksey later joined the regular cast and Todd Bridges became the last surviving original cast member.

Todd Bridges appeared in the 2002 special Celebrity Boxing with his friend Vanilla Ice, whom, Bridges defeated.

In 2006, Todd Bridges appeared as a contestant on a celebrity episode of Fear Factor but was eliminated after the first stunt.

Also in 2006, Bridges appeared as a contestant on the Fox reality show Skating with Celebrities but was however evicted in the second episode of the show because he used roller skates instead of ice skates.

In January 2007, Todd Bridges appeared as a member of the “mob” on the American version of the game show 1 vs. 100.

Todd Bridges  and his now ex-wife,  Dori Bridges made an appearance  in the November 14, 2007 episode of the MyNetworkTV show Decision House titled “Burned Bridges.”

Bridges also had a role reprise on the UPN/The CW sitcom ”Everybody Hates Chris”.

In March 2008, Todd Bridges appeared on TruTV Presents: World’s Dumbest…, and continued to appear as a frequent commentator.

Music videos

Todd Bridges has made several appearances in music videos. He Firstly appeared in Penny Ford’s single “Change Your Wicked Ways” in 1984.

Todd Bridges made a cameo in Moby‘s 2002 music video for “We Are All Made of Stars” and again in the video for the Black Keys‘ 2011 single “Howlin’ for You.”

Todd Bridges Filmography



  • She’s Out of Control Water Man


  • The Sounds of Silence Joe Goodman
  • Homeboy as Johnny Davis


  • Gangstaz as Tyrone


  • The Girl Gets Moeas Glick


  • The Waterfront as Gary Franklin


  • Flat Outas Acosta


  • The Thief & the Stripper as Burn


  • The Beach House as Todd
  • The Climb as Eddie
  • Welcome to America  as Easy T
  • Scream at the Sound of the Beep as Lamar
  • Pacino is Missing as Harrison Dodge
  • Baby of the Family as Ted


  • Pauly Shore Is Dead as Todd  Bridges
  • Dumb Luck as Lincoln



  • Treasure N’Tha Hood as Henry Nails
  • Issues as Carson
  • I Got Five on It as Jimmy


  • San Franpsycho as Officer Eckersley


  • Frankie D as Frankie D


  • Darkroom as Charles the Barkeep


  • See Dick Run as ATM
  • I Got Five on It Too as Jimmy
  • The Jerk Theory as Waiter


  • Big Money Rustlas as Scruffy Scrub #3
  • The Apparition of Roxanneas Officer Johnston
  • Do Me a Solid as Maurice


  • King of the Underground as Todd



  • Monsters on Main Street as Larry Goleman


  • Dependent’s Day as Hank Wright
  • Precious Mettle as Sam
  • The White Sistas as Bishop Wilkins
  • Dead Ringer as Detective Billington
  • Bar Chronicles as The Customer
  • Nightblade as Detective Francesco
  • Renaissance Man as Todd
  • Hospital Arrest as Prosecutor Denuyl


  • The White Sistasas Bishop Wilkins


  • A Psycho’s Path as Haywood



  • Barney Miller as  Truman Jackson
  • The Orphan and the Dude as Leonard Brown
  • Katherine as Robert


  • Police Story as Little Walter


  • Little House on the Prairie as Solomon Henry
  • A Circle of Children as Todd
  • Roots as Bud Harvey
  • A Killing Affair as Todd York


  •  Fish as Loomis
  • The Waltons as Josh Foster


  • The Love Boat as Michael Jr.


  • Diff’rent Strokes as Willis Jackson


  • The Return of Mod Squad as Jason Hayes
  • Hello, Larry as Willis Jackson


  • CHiPs as Todd Bridges


  • The Facts of Life as Willis Jackson


  • Here’s Boomer as Turk/Benny


  • Rosie as Willis Roverman


  • High School U.S.A.as Otto Lipton


  • Twice Dead as Petie



  • The Ben Stiller Show as Todd Bridges


  • A. Heat as Trevor


  • The Darkling as Baron


  • Son of the Beach as Todd Bridges


  • The Rerun Show as J. Davis
  • The Young and the Restless as Juice


  • Cram (Celebrity Edition) as Todd Bridges
  • Ghost Dog: A Detective Tail as Power Plant Guard


  • Jane Doe: Now You See It, Now You Don’t as The Man


  • Alien Express as Peter


  • Everybody Hates Chris as Monk


  • World’s Dumbest as Todd Bridges


  • Are We There Yet? as Todd Bridges


  • Sangre Negra as Dante Lewis


  • Live in Front of a Studio Audience as Todd


  • Celebrity Big Brother as Todd

Video games




  • Take a Seat as Narrator

Todd Bridges Good Image and Records

America’s Star Actor, Todd Bridges has had some good records whose notable and most credited one is the following:

Todd Bridges and his brother James in 1998, were credited with saving the life of Stella Kline, a 51-year-old paraplegic woman from almost drowning when her wheelchair rolled into a lake while she was fishing.

While the woman gave her speech in her word she said  “I was thanking God that he was there and you know, everybody’s been saying nothing but bad stuff about Todd Bridges on the news and in the papers… He has a heart of gold.”

As a remark on the rescue, Todd Bridges in quote said “We felt God put us there at the right time to save this lady’s life because there was no one else around.”

Todd Bridges Legal Issues

Todd Bridges began smoking marijuana at 15 as a star actor on Diff’rent Strokes and in his twenties battled cocaine and methamphetamine addiction.

Todd Bridges bought and sold drugs to support his addiction and was as a result arrested for felony assault and cocaine possession.

In 1983, Todd Bridges was fined $240 for carrying a hidden firearm and  In 1987, he received a suspended sentence after pleading no contest when charged with making a bomb threat.

In 1989, Todd Bridges again was arrested and tried for the attempted murder of a Los Angeles-area drug dealer, Kenneth “Tex” Clay, whom prosecutors argued had been shot by Bridges.

Todd Bridges however pleaded not guilty and was represented by the famous defense attorney Johnnie Cochran.

Todd Bridges’ defense,  attorney Johnnie Cochran argued that Bridges was an abused minor who had been driven to drugs by an exploitative entertainment industry and was now being framed.

A witness came up and testified that Bridges was not at the shooting and Bridges he was as a result acquitted of all charges by a jury.

In  December 1992, Todd  Bridges was arrested on suspicion of transporting narcotics for sale and possession of a loaded firearm.

The Suspicion came after Burbank, California police officers discovered methamphetamines and a loaded gun in his car.

He was however released on $10,000 bail and stopped using drugs on February 24, 1993, after years of use.

Todd  Bridges Net Worth, Salary, And Income

Todd Bridges reportedly receives a salary of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000)  and records a monthly income of six thousand US Dollars ($ 6, 000 ).

It is clear enough that Todd Bridge net worth majorly comes from his acting career and With the above figures his source of wealth isn’t in doubt.

Todd Bridges net worth after some careful calculations is estimated at $250, 000.


Todd Bridges could be said to be simply incredible and described as one of the most talented  American Actors.

He has through his outstanding portrayals made himself a household name and a big name in the American Movie Industry.

With the current happenings, certainly Todd Bridges net worth will certainly go up in no distant time.




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