Valerie Boey Biography & Net Worth

Valerie Boey Biography & Net Worth

Valerie Boey Biography & Net Worth

Popular Name: Valerie Boey
Real Name: Valerie Boey
Birth Date: N/A
Birth Place:
New York, United States
Age: N/A
Gender: Female
Nationality: Chinese American
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Sexuality: N/A
Marital Status: N/A
Children: N/A
Profession: Journalist, Multimedia Specialist
Years active: N/A
Net Worth: $350,000
Last Updated: 2021


Valerie Boey is a Chinese American journalist who was born and brought up in New York in the United States. Since 2008, this veteran AP award-winning, spot-news reporter and multimedia specialist has been working with the FOX 35 news team. Beforehand, she worked at the CBS affiliate in the Tampa/St Petersburg region. As a political correspondent, Valarie started up the Tallahassee Bureau for WTSP (CBS Tampa) and later WTLV (NBC Jacksonville). She wrote for several newspapers, such as Florida Today and also the Fort Myers News Press. Her work eventually expanded to all Gannett-owned channels and websites. She later moved to the main newsroom in the Tampa district to work closely with her fellows.

Valerie’s career as a professional started at WINK (CBS Ft. Myers). She served as the Collier County Bureau Chief in Naples. Before that, she served as an associate producer and assignment editor. She attended New York University and interned at NBC Nightly News in New York while attending school. Born and raised in New York, Valerie moved to Illinois during her high school days. She is a woman that takes pride in her Asian heritage as a Chinese American. She is the current head of Florida’s Chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association and also serves on the Board of the Florida Associated Press. The journalist is also an author and enjoys mentoring journalism students as well as supporting several charities. She has worked on several books and has published a number of them. Whenever she is not being weighed down with work responsibilities, Valarie spends her free time traveling in the United States and overseas, and also enjoying kickboxing and jogging.

Valerie Boey’s Early Life & Education

This American journalist was born and raised in New York. She moved to Illinois for her high school education before returning to New York where she attended New York University and earned a Bachelor’s in broadcast journalism.

Valerie experienced her internship at NBC Nightly News in New York before starting her career proper.

Career & Professional Life

Since 2008, Valerie has been working for FOX 35 News as a reporter. She joined the media outlet after spending earlier years as an employee of the CBS affiliate WPFL in the Tampa/St Petersburg area.

Valerie Boey Net Worth
Valerie Boey

Boey’s career began as soon as she completed her college education. Interring at NBC Nightly News in New York before properly starting her career did her a lot of good in terms of contributing to her knowledge and preparing her for the ultimate task ahead in the advanced journalism field.

Initially, after the completion of her college studies, Valerie joined WINK (CBS Ft. Myers). She also found herself in the position of the Collier County Bureau Chief in Naples. Equally, she has worked as an associate producer and assignment editor, dishing out spectacular performances in any role she finds herself.

In January 2003, she joined WTSP-TV (CBS Tampa) and performed the duties of a political correspondent to the best of her ability. She has worked for WTLV (NBC Jacksonville) as a political correspondent as well.

In addition to her broadcasting duties, Boey has also written for several newspapers, including the Fort Myers News Press and Florida Today. She is the leader of the Asian American Journalists Association in Florida and is also on the Board of the Florida Associated Press. Her team of reporters and anchors at Fox 35 News includes brilliant professionals like Sydney Cameron, Lara Greenberg, David Bodden, Allison Gargaro, Glenn Richards, Kristin Giannas, Jessica Albert, Jayme King, and Holly Bristow.

Personal Life & Family

Boey likes to keep many things about herself personal. While she is a popular face in the media by virtue of her broadcasting job, she simply takes the stage to perform her duties professionally and that’s all. Even on her social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter, this woman is known to often share only important information to her followers. She is never known to put up too many revealing details that may give out the identities of her family members and those close to her. In fact, despite all the attention she gets, she never shows off too much even as a wealthy journalist. In this regard, we currently lack sufficient information to conclude on if she’s married or not, or whether she has a family of her own at this moment.

Valerie Boey Net Worth: Salary, Assets & Other Ventures

Working as a journalist for the most part of her life has really profited Valerie Boey both in terms of finances and fame. She is currently a FOX 35 News reporter and her current job ensures that she carts away with over $50,000 every year. After reporting for various networks like FOX 35 news, WTSP, and WTLV, and writing for newspapers such as Florida Today and the Fort Myers News Press, Valerie Boey has been able to assemble a net worth of $350,000.


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